Review: Zero Tolerance Collection – A Significant 16-Bit FPS That’s Hard To Take These Days

Virtual neutrality.

Thanks to ray casting, an early form of graphics processing that allowed the rendering of a 2D map as a pseudo-3D environment, Zero Tolerance, a true First-Person Shooter, arrived on Sega’s Mega Drive in 1994.

What makes Zero Tolerance Collection significant — particularly for fans of the original — is its boast of additional items of lore: an unreleased sequel, Zero Tolerance Underground, and the prototype title Beyond Zero Tolerance. As it happens, Zero Tolerance Underground is falsely advertised, and not a true sequel at all. Its nine stages (as opposed to the original game’s 40) were actually designed as bonus extras for a Mega CD port of Zero Tolerance that never saw the light of day. Beyond Zero Tolerance, the unfinished prototype meant as a true sequel, would be of greater appeal if it hadn’t already been legally released on the internet as freeware.

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