Richard Ayoade Stars In New Fable Trailer

The new Fable from Playground Games was previously announced, but the latest trailer gives us a better sense of the game’s comedic tone. The trailer (but not the full game, presumably) stars Richard Ayoade of The IT Crowd fame as Dave commiserating about the age of heroes being over and the age of agriculture being the future. In a twist, however, it is revealed that Ayoade’s character is a giant fending off heroes who are trying to invade his home.

From there an action sequence begins with a hero outrunning the giant Ayoade. It is revealed in the end that the hero has defeated the giant by show of them sitting on his shattered glasses. The trailer’s description on YouTube shares that this new entry will continue to take place in Albion.

No release date was revealed, but the game will be available on Game Pass day one.