Rumour: LEGO Zelda Set Supposedly In The Works After Deku Tree Spotted In Recent Survey

It’s dangerous to go alone, take this (with a pinch of salt).

Ever since Nintendo collaborated with LEGO on the interactive Super Mario collection, we have all been keeping our fingers crossed for an expansion into other franchises in the future. Chief amongst these is the hope for some Zelda sets which, in the build up to Tears of the Kingdom, have kept the rumour mill churning over the past few months in particular.

Just last month we heard of a Breath of the Wild set that had qualified for official review (presumably slipping in before LEGO blocked any further Zelda-themed submissions) and now we have seen yet another design that is doing the rounds on LEGO forums (thanks, Nintendo Everything). Before we dive into the details, it is worth bearing in mind that this is still heavy rumour talk. No official announcement has come from LEGO and there is no way to validate the story or images for the moment.

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