Saga Of Sins Brings Demon Hunting And Stained Glass Window Visuals To Switch In March

Holy smokes!

It was back in August that we last heard of Saga of Sins — the demon hunting action platformer that looks like a moving stained glass window — but publisher Just For Games has now announced that this sin-slaying cleric will be bringing his religious rebellion to Switch on 30th March, 2023.

For those of you who missed the initial announcement, Saga of Sins sees you play as a mind-hopping cleric on a mission to purge the seven deadly sins from the thoughts of a local village. Sounds weird enough? Well, developers Bonus Level Entertainment ensure that it only gets stranger from here! The cleric can take on four different forms to combat these beasties (a werewolf, gargoyle, griffin and one more mystery transformation) and the whole thing takes place with a particularly church-y visual style.

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