Sega’s Old Arcades Are Flourishing Under New Owners, Sort Of

Genda Inc. reports 3 billion+ yen profit.

Cast your minds back, dear readers, to the start of the year. We reported that Sega would sadly be leaving the arcade market, selling the remaining 14.9% of its Sega Entertainment division to Genda Inc with the division being subsequently rebranded as ‘Genda GiGO Entertainment’.

Now, it looks like the arcade business might be starting to flourish under its new ownership, though not without a bit of jiggery pokery in the accounting department. See, Genda GiGO Entertainment has posted a profit of 3.175 billion yen in its most recent financial report, which is quite the turnaround when you compare it to the 2.308 billion yen loss that was reported the previous year when Sega was still holding the reins.

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