Slept On The Critically Acclaimed ‘Bonfire Peaks’? DLC Drops In March For This ‘EDGE 9’

Crate expectations.

If you’ve been in the biz of reading game reviews for a while, you’ll know that an Edge 9/10 is about as rare as a calendar month without a Nintendo Direct rumour. But voxel crate-burning puzzle game Bonfire Peaks managed it, impressing Edge’s reviewers with its 100+ puzzles and gorgeous island ruins. Forgive us for not getting our own review up — we must have burned the review crate by accident…

Bonfire Peaks is now getting a three-part DLC pack called Lost Memories, which will be released episodically throughout 2023. Part One, which is roughly a quarter the length of the base game, will arrive on Switch on March 2nd, with the second and third parts following later this year.

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