Soapbox: Playdate Sold Out In 20 Minutes – Is It Time For A New Nintendo Handheld?

The Game Boy… 2.

Many of us at Nintendo Life have been patiently, excitedly waiting for the Playdate to go on sale, because we’re suckers for bits of colourful plastic. Well, it did, and we missed it, because all 20,000 initial units sold out in just 20 minutes.

It’s hardly surprising that the Playdate proved to be so popular — it’s a cute little thing, with an appealingly egg-yolk-yellow outer shell (not to mention a tiny initial batch available for pre-order, although Panic has said it will produce as many units as necessary to meet demand). Granted, it’s more of an objet d’art for adult nerds who also have glass cabinets full of pristine LEGO sets and professionally-framed game manuals from their childhood on their walls, but that doesn’t mean it’s not also a really intriguing handheld console.

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