Soapbox: Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Is The Most Friction-Free Pokémon Yet

We can go where we want to.

I often tell people that I am not a Pokémon fan. I say this while sitting in a Pikachu-branded chair, with my handmade Snom figurine hanging out on my desk next to my my off-brand plastic Swinub figurine, having played 90% of the available Pokémon games out there (I didn’t bother with Black and White 2 and I didn’t like Sun and Moon enough to get the Ultra version). But it’s true. In a lot of ways, I am the Pokémon player that everyone complains about — the one who buys the games, has an okay time, wishes they were different, and then buys the next one anyway.

The thing is, it’s more complicated than that. I love a lot of things about Pokémon, or I wouldn’t keep shelling out for the games and the merch, would I? I love a lot of the designs from each generation, I love the increasing character customisation, and I love playing with friends and having an incredibly fun time messing around in Raid Battles. I love the innovation that each game brings, I love sharing discoveries online with the whole community, and I love choosing a starter all over again. See? I love a lot of things. At least six things.

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