Soapbox: Super Mario Sunshine Wasn’t Bad, It Was Just Ahead Of Its Time

Mario was the original ASMR powerwasher.

As Super Mario Sunshine turns 20 on the 19th July, 2022, Kate wants to get a few things off her chest about how the game would have been a massive hit today, probably…

ALRIGHT, LISTEN. Whenever I am in polite company, and I mention enjoying Super Mario Sunshine — yes, despite its insistence on collecting ten thousand blue coins, despite its occasionally frustrating camera controls, and maybe even because of its goofy voice acting — everyone tends to swivel towards me, monocles popping off their faces, spitting wine everywhere like a faulty hose, and then all the corseted women in the room faint in horror and I’m forced to pay their medical expenses for saying something so horrific.

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