Soapbox: Zelda Should Be Given The Paper Mario Treatment

Paper Zelda: The Thousand-Year Door (of Time).

Nintendo struck gold when they made the first Paper Mario. They figured out how to take a beloved series like Super Mario, put a slight twist on it, and create something entirely new that doesn’t feel stale, doesn’t feel like a flimsy spin-off, and best of all, is better than most Super Mario games. Yeah. It is. Fight me.

Fast forward to today, and Nintendo has really painted itself into a corner with success. Zelda and Mario rule the Nintendo kingdom, with other series like Metroid, Kirby, and Animal Crossing as their princes and princesses. Everyone wants sequels and ports, and who can blame them? I also want to play Wind Waker on the Switch. I also want another Animal Crossing. I also can’t wait until Tears of the Kingdom comes out.

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