Square Enix Rolls Out Chocobo GP Version 1.4.1, Here Are The Full Patch Notes

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Square Enix released another update for its Switch-exclusive Chocobo GP. This is the first update of 2023, bumping the title up to Version 1.4.1. This patch contains multiple fixes, here’s the full rundown courtesy of the Square Enix support page:

Chocobo GP – Version 1.4.1 (1st Feb, 2023)

Thank you for playing “Chocobo GP”. The Ver.1.4.1 update for Chocobo GP is due for release on 2/1/2023.

*Please be aware that if the player is playing a game mode that involves online communications at the time the update is released, the system will quit out of that mode after the current race finishes and return to the title screen.

The content of this update is detailed below.

1. Fixes to an issue with multiplayer where settings would change from “mirror” mode to “master” mode if a lobby was created with mirror mode set and then play continued for a time without disbanding that lobby
2. Fixes to an issue on the Midgar short and technical courses, where racers would sometimes be judged to have gone off the course incorrectly.
3. Fixes to an issue when using Cactuar’s 1000 Needles ability in Time Attack mode where the ability is immediately forced to end if Cactuar touches a ghost while hit detection for the attack is active.
4. Fixes to an issue on the sticker select screen where the cursor moves to locations that should not be selectable if it is made to skip from a specific location.
5. Fixes to an issue on the LITE edition where options that cannot be selected are displayed as options that can be selected if transitioning between screens in a specific way.
6. Fixes to an issue where the correct colour is not shown when selecting the “Premium Gold” colour for the Kwackeys’ speed type vehicle.

An internet connection is required to apply these updates.

We hope you continue to enjoy “Chocobo GP”.

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