Star Fox 64 Follow-Up Title Was Pitched For Wii U, But Retro Studios Passed On It

Planned with a puppet aesthetic.

It has been a good few years now since we last checked in with everyone’s favourite fox fighter pilot in Star Fox Zero (seven years, to be precise) and the chances of him returning to the Switch seem to lessen everyday. In the ensuing period while we wait (fingers tightly crossed) for news of a series reboot, the good folk over on the DidYouKnowGaming? YouTube channel have been digging into one of the series’ cancelled titles at Retro Studios.

In its most recent video, the channel got a chance to talk to Eric Kozlowsky, a former Retro Studios artist, who had pitched a game titled ‘Star Fox Armada’ back in early 2013. While the studio would eventually pass on the title, Kozlowsky shared his 24-page pitch document with the channel and discussed many of the game’s proposed features.

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