Tactical Turn-based Fantasy Game Fort Triumph Available on August 13

Hear ye, hear ye! The tactical turn-based fantasy game Fort Triumph will conquer Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Ring out the news to every valley and village: the game will arrive on August 13 but you can pre-order it now!

While uplifting and vibrant, with ever-changing procedural maps, the game offers a great challenge too. If you have the permadeath setting on, you’ll have to avoid death or lose your heroes forever. The combat is turn-based and relies on physics. Each character has a limited amount of Action Points, so you’ll need to use the environment cleverly to win—sometimes it’s better to kick a nearby tree on an enemy’s head than use up all your AP to approach them and not have enough left over to attack.

Will you take up the quest? Besides all of the juicy action, there’s an intriguing plot as well. Very sinister stuff, too. The world is in peril. Goblins are attacking humans, evil stirs in the dark and the land’s heroes are broke. Luckily, a local noble, Lady Aureline, is looking for mercenaries.

Liandra Pageturner is a Mage who just lost her scholarship. Since the one trick they don’t teach you in magic school is how to pay for the darn thing, she bands with her two somewhat less sophisticated friends to do some mercenary work. The only problem is…when Liandra channels mana, she becomes just a bit unhinged. A minor inconvenience, really. At least for now. Mages use ranged attacks, like a Magic Arrow or Whirlwind.

Solaris Ironfloss, the Paladin, is the most righteous person most people know. Left jobless after the Justice Factory shut down, he joins Liandra’s party. Solaris dreams of performing heroic deeds with an almost child-like naivety and often sees the best in everyone. It upsets him deeply when reality refuses to bend to his ideals. Paladins perform melee attacks and are the most resilient in a party.

Evon Dogbane is a Ranger and a rebel without a cause. Greedy and cynical, Evon hates nobles from the bottom of his heart. Some suspect he’s an arsonist, but maybe it’s just that he has one of those faces. But he does good too; what better way to avoid the tax collector than by getting robbed by Evon first? As a Ranger, Evon specializes in distance attacks and uses different kinds of arrows to inflict damage.

Krita Skullspitter is a Barbarian seeking to join a party; a self-described hard worker and hard puncher. She holds a firm belief that being strong is better than being weak, so the strong should decide what’s good for the weak. Barbarians’ focus is performing multiple actions in a single turn.

Set off on a grand adventure when you play campaign mode, set in a witty parody of a fantasy world and get to know all of these characters yourself. You might even actually save the world and earn some coins along the way. Choose your level of difficulty and decide whether to enable or disable Permadeath before you start the game—if it’s off, you can repurchase your lost hero in towns, assuming you have the resources for it.

In total there are 4 factions in the game: the Human Kingdom, the Yak-Scuffle Goblins, the Restful Dead, and the Forest Utopia. Each faction has certain perks specific to it, for example the Forest Utopia faction has the most health points and a building that increases armor, but cannot take cover.

In Skirmish mode you can choose a faction yourself or choose “random” and let the AI decide for you. This mode allows you to play against an AI or other humans outside of the Campaign. Set the difficulty level, choose your opponents, and let the strongest win.

In addition, Fort Triumph offers local co-op, the classic hotseat experience, in Multiplayer mode. Up to 8 players can compete or become allies—allied players share views and cannot attack one another. You’ll share one screen, so don’t let your friends peek at your movements.

Which hero will be your favorite? Which mode will you play first? The world of Fort Triumph will be yours to explore on August 13. Pre-order now!

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