Talking Point: Does Nintendo’s Next Console Have To Be ‘Another’ Switch?

Bait and Switch?

Let’s talk about comeback stories. The Mighty Ducks. Robert Downey Jr. Rocky. Nintendo in 2017. Yep, after the launch of the Wii U, many may have thought that the Big N was out for the count (well, not completely, but certainly left licking its proverbial wounds), but did this come to pass? You bet your chunky GamePad it didn’t.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, Nintendo knuckled down and used the Wii U’s failure as a learning experience, addressing each imperfection and fashioning a little device with a clear, easy-to-understand, and appealing proposition for players who had found its predecessor’s asymmetric gameplay confusing or underwhelming. It was called the ‘Switch’, you might have heard of it.

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