Talking Point: Nintendo Switch OLED Model Looks Lovely, But May Also Disappoint

In tricky times, just make the screen bigger.

Well, after over two years of speculation, Nintendo has finally unveiled the new Nintendo Switch, simply called the OLED model that’s due to arrive on 8th October. It falls in line with some of the more recent rumours, offering a larger and higher quality screen – at 720p resolution – along with some other quality of life improvements like a wider and more flexible kickstand, a LAN / ethernet port on the new dock and improved speakers.

Now, let’s be completely clear about what this isn’t, it isn’t a ‘Pro’ model. Nintendo gives no indication in any materials that it’ll have improved performance in any way; the TEGRA chip may even be exactly the same as the 2019 ‘Mariko’ iteration that boosted battery life, with OLED screen efficiency likely balanced out by the larger size. The branding and messaging here is simple – games will be the same.

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