Talking Point: What’s Your Switch Game Of 2021 So Far?

Decisions, decisions…

We’re well over halfway through 2021 and we’re steadily sliding down the back half of the year, having negotiated the six-month hump. Holiday season is waaaay off in the distance and we’ve still got several months to go before we get into video game ‘silly season’, but while recently discussing the upcoming Sonic Colors Ultimate remaster and lamenting that it wasn’t arriving until September, it suddenly struck us that that’s little more than a month away. Before you know it we’ll be knee-deep in Metroids, Marios and OLED screens. Lovely!

So, we thought it was worth getting a read on the room and seeing what games Nintendo Life staff have most enjoyed in the first half (and a bit) of 2021. Below you’ll find a selection of the hottest Switch games of the year so far with some words explaining why they left such an impression on us.

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