Talking Point: Which Game Stage Have You Replayed More Than Any Other?

Green Hill Zone Act 1 is my new-old timesink.

The ability to devote entire days to nothing but video games is a past luxury unavailable to me right now, or in the foreseeable future, unfortunately. The addition to my life of small humans that look a bit like me has substantially diminished my available free time, and I’ve recently realised that it’s altered not only the amount of games I play, but the types of games I play, too.

I’ve been yearning to get stuck into a huge, high-quality RPG for months now — and goodness knows I’ve got enough just sitting in my backlog — but despite Switch’s facility with suspending play and how easy it is to fire a game up, tracking characters and storylines over months is too much for my befuddled, sleep-deprived brain to handle. Throw in a pandemic and I’m having trouble remembering the names of close family members. ‘RPG Mage Dude #12’ doesn’t stand a chance.

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