The Genki: Covert Dock Mini Is An Even Tinier Portable Dock For Your Switch

20x smaller than the original.

The Genki: Covert Dock was already a stunning piece of portable kit that let you dock your Switch at a friend’s house without having to lug around your bulky bit of plastic and your chunky AC adaptor around with you. We even said in our review back in 2020 that “The Genki Covert Dock is a top of the line product that will probably have you retiring your standard Switch dock and AC adapter for many reasons.”

So, how on earth do you improve on that? Make it even smaller, of course. As part of the Genki: Waveform Earphones Kickstarter – which ends in three days – Human Things included a Cover Dock Mini as part of their stretch goals. But the smaller dock has proved so popular that the creators have decided to make it purchasable on its own!

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