The Most Anticipated Games of 2023 (According to the Xbox Wire Team)

2023 promises to be a big year for Xbox and Windows PC games, with major new titles from Xbox Game Studios and our partners set to jostle for space on your hard drives and cloud devices. From ultra-anticipated RPGs like Starfield, to long-awaited blockbusters such as Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, to indie hits-in-waiting, there’s something for everyone coming this year — and a huge portion of this list will be available from day one as part of your Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass membership. 

With that in mind, the Xbox Wire team has come together to offer up our personal picks (in no particular order) for the year ahead. Below is just a snapshot of the big picture for 2023 — it’s clear it’s going to be a good year. 

Starfield 2023 Xbox Series X│S, PC (Game Pass) 

I’m far from alone in my anticipation for Starfield, and for good reason. Bethesda’s upcoming RPG introduces an entirely new frontier to explore — space. As a member of space exploring outfit Constellation, you’re tasked with adventuring across the Settled Systems in your own custom ship, seeking rare artifacts throughout the galaxy. Starfield is set to include over 1,000 planets to discover, and if my Skyrim playtime is anything to go by, you know I’m going to poke every single one. – Danielle Partis, Xbox Wire Editor  

Available day one with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. 

Resident Evil 4 March 24, 2023 – Xbox Series X|S 

I own no fewer than five versions of Resident Evil 4 across my personal game collection, yet I’ve never actually finished the game. It’s one of my biggest “black marks” as a gamer, and one that I’m excited to finally rectify this year with its upcoming remake – it’s a big reason why I have this down as one of my Most Anticipated Games of 2023. Following on the heels of two great remakes (Resident Evil 2 (2019) and Resident Evil 3 (2020), RE4 remake has a high bar to hit. But from everything I’ve seen so far, this is shaping up to be a modern classic that I’m excited to add to my ever-growing game collection. – Mike Nelson, Xbox Wire Editor 

Minecraft Legends – April 18, 2023 – Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC (Windows and Steam), Cloud, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4|5

Minecraft has always been about allowing for creativity from its players — Minecraft Legends shows a similar level of unbridled creativity from its developers. This action-strategy game is being built to appeal simultaneously to both Minecraft fans and brand-new players — and does so through the ingenious take of familiar Minecraft ideas in new forms. Harnessing a procedurally-generated world, familiar items, focus on resources, and the frequently terrifying mobs that fans know and turning them into something wholly new (and wholly approachable for those who haven’t played the original) is a fascinating moment for this series — and one I cannot wait experience myself. – Joe Skrebels, Xbox Wire Editor-in-Chief  

Available day one with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. 

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – April 28, 2023 Xbox Series X│S, PC 

I was unfairly cynical about Cal Kestis’ debut at first – of all those cool alien races available, you’ve given us a human? However, Fallen Order quickly became one of my all-time favourite Star Wars adventures – in game or film. The first game (which is available as part of an EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership if you need to catch up) set us up against the rising threat of the Empire and took us to some incredible worlds, and I’m confident that Jedi: Survivor will expand on those gorgeous destinations and deliver an epic new story – one that Cal deserves to be the epicentre of. – Danielle Partis, Xbox Wire Editor 

Redfall – May 2, 2023 – Xbox Series X|S, PC (Game Pass) 

Arkane is that rare thing, a studio that commands attention for its name as much as for its game concepts. If I see ‘Arkane Austin’ pop up before a trailer plays, I already want to play that game, and Redfall does not mark an exception. The studio’s rich history with immersive sims has led to some of the most fascinating worlds, mechanical tricks and level designs of recent years – Redfall’s setting across the length and breadth of a whole fictional town and its wildly unusual character classes (with the promise of more to come after launch) only point to more classic moments yet to come. But it’s the differences that really hold my attention, this close to release. A focus on co-op play (only increasing the opportunities for that now-expected Arkane mechanical magic), a strengthened interest in gunplay, and its open world setting have me snarling to end a vampire incursion with my friends. Joe Skrebels, Xbox Wire Editor-in-Chief 

Available day one with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. 

Dead Space – Out Now Xbox Series X|S 

Yes, this just came out – but I haven’t had a chance to play it just yet, so I’m technically still anticipating it. I’m normally not a fan of the horror genre, but I love science fiction, which is a bit ironic since space is in and of itself a terrifying place. The original version of Dead Space wonderfully captures that fear and couples it with an unassuming but likable protagonist struggling to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of his beloved partner and the crew of the USG Ishimura. Whether it’s my unfulfilled dreams of being an astronaut or the thought of facing unimaginable odds for the ones I love, Dead Space isn’t just one of my favorite games of all time, it’s arguably one of the greatest sci-fi horror games in the universe. It’s no surprise, then, that I’m ready to revisit this modern classic rebuilt from the ground up for next-gen hardware when it launches later this month – and the additions Motive Studios has made to weapons, loot, and exploration, I might even feel more ready to tackle the horrors of deep space head-on. – Rich Dickinson, Xbox Wire Editor 

Forza Motorsport – 2023 Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC (Game Pass) 

I love video games as much as I love cars. Or maybe it’s cars as much as video games. Whichever, I’m a huge fan of Forza and tend to favor the simulation of Forza Motorsport over the open-world freedom of Forza Horizon, so I’m particularly excited for the upcoming next instalment of the classic racing series. Previous versions have treated us to photorealistic looking cars, beautifully rendered tracks, and breath-taking effects, yet the developers at Turn 10 Studios are already calling the next Forza Motorsport the most technically advanced and authentic racing game they’ve ever made. I have no idea how they can make the game any better but can’t wait to find out. – Rich Dickinson, Xbox Wire Editor 

Available day one with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. 

Like a Dragon: Ishin! February 21, 2023 Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One 

Since dropping onto Xbox Game Pass and into my life in 2020, the Yakuza series (now re-titled Like a Dragon for all future installments) has taken me on a sweeping tour of Japan, from snowy Sapporo to tropical Okinawa. Like a Dragon: Ishin!, RGG Studio’s remake of a 2014 only-in-Japan spinoff, isn’t merely content to shift locations; it transports players back in time to 1860s Kyoto, where things couldn’t be more different. Or are they? While Ishin’s story follows real life samurai Sakamoto Ryoma, your adventure is populated by familiar faces and voices from across the Yakuza universe. Ryoma may not realize he’s a dead ringer for Kazuma Kiryu, but recurring feelings of déjà vu ensure players will feel at home, even if they’ve never been further from it. And fear not, even if you don’t have experience with this game, or even the series as a whole, Like a Dragon: Ishin! has been designed to be self-contained – even if you don’t get the references, you’re still getting a brand-new samurai tale to play through. Check out our first preview here on Xbox Wire to learn more about the upcoming Like a Dragon: Ishin! – Jeff Rubenstein – Xbox Podcast 

Age of Empires IV Coming to Xbox Consoles – 2023   Xbox Series X│S (Game Pass) 

At the end of the workday, I rarely want to sit at my PC for more hours, no matter how good a game is. Me and my back pain don’t have to worry about that, now that Age of Empires IV is heading to consoles this year! Age of Empires IV feels like a truly modernised, slick rediscovery of the classic RTS, whether you’re storming through the single campaign or jousting with friends online. Following in the footsteps of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, which has seamlessly made its transition to Xbox consoles, I can’t wait to conquer from the comfort of my couch, and with the support of Xbox Play Anywhere, I can switch back over to the PC (or even my mobile through Xbox Cloud Gaming) if things get too serious… which they often do. – Danielle Partis, Xbox Wire Editor 

Available day one with Xbox Game Pass. 

Street Fighter 6June 2, 2023 Xbox Series X|S 

It’s been a minute since a new, mainline Street Fighter entry debuted on Xbox, when the seminal Street Fighter IV launched back in 2009. If you’ve lost track of the series, Street Fighter 6 is likely to blow you away when it arrives in June. SF6 has already confirmed its technical chops in a closed beta featuring older and wiser versions of Ryu, Chun Li, and Guile, and inspired new characters like Luke and soon-to-be fan-favorite Kimberly. The presentation is a stunning visual treat, including the veritable monster factory that is the game’s avatar creator. But it’s my anticipation of the single-player story mode World Tour that already has me prepping combos in excitement. – Jeff Rubenstein – Xbox Podcast 

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – March 3, 2023 – Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC (Game Pass

Bloodborne and Ninja Gaiden are some of my favorite games, even though I’m not that great at playing them. Their haunting visuals and slick combat are what I fondly remember, not all the times I was brutally and repeatedly defeated. So, when I heard that the creative talent behind those games were working on Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, I was immediately intrigued and was fortunate enough to chat with Team Ninja’s Fumihiko Yasuda and Masaaki Yamagiwa to learn more. Will I be crushed into a pulp when I start playing? Likely. But this blend of dark fantasy, Chinese martial arts swordplay, and creative gaming talent has me incredibly excited to see how it all unfolds starting on March 3. – Mike Nelson, Xbox Wire Editor 

Available day one with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. 

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – May 26, 2023 – Xbox Series X|S 

Task Force X (aka the Suicide Squad) contains many of the most layered and iconic anti-heroes in DC Comics, and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League lets you play as four of the most notorious of them – Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark. The Squad must take on an impossible mission to save Earth and kill the world’s greatest DC Super Heroes – the Justice League. Combined with the gaming pedigree of Rocksteady, the studio behind the amazing Batman: Arkham games, and this has all the ingredients to be something truly special — even though we don’t know that much about it (yet). For now, we’re left largely to our imaginations and a few awesome trailers, which is why it’s one of my Most Anticipated Games of 2023 because… well… I want to know more about it! Hopefully all will be revealed soon and we can dive into another one of Rocksteady’s masterpieces later this year. – Mike Nelson, Xbox Wire Editor 

Diablo IV – June 6, 2023 Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One 

Sometimes, looking back is just as important as looking forward – a lesson Diablo IV is demonstrating months before release. Blizzard’s latest action-RPG returns to some of the series’ most fundamental ideas – a laser focus on full-bore, high-gore action-RPG combat, perilously deep customization, and a grimdark fantasy tale. But in embracing those old ideas, what I particularly love about Diablo 4 so far (not least when I played hours of the game ahead of launch), is in how it’s allowing itself to try new, complementary ideas. A truly open world allows for more loot, more combat, and more fulfilling co-op. A more cinematic approach to storytelling lets that pitch-black story at its core sing. A sharpened, high-gloss look allows for better legibility of spells, even in the thick of battle. Diablo IV is simultaneously old and new, and I’m delighted by both of those aspects. Joe Skrebels, Xbox Wire Editor-in-Chief 

Dead Island 2 – April 28, 2023 Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One 

When I think about all the zombie games I’ve played over the years, the ones that stand out have a few elements in common: great characters, exciting locations, and entertaining gameplay. The original Dead Island followed this formula over a decade ago, and the long-awaited sequel is demonstrating it will too. Dead Island 2 has a cast of unlikely heroes and takes place in a zombie-infested Los Angeles, (dubbed HELL-A). Add in some dark humor and over the top zombie-slaying, who could ask for more? Looks like I’m moving to Beverly Hills. Swimming Pools. Movie stars. Survival against all odds. – Rich Dickinson, Xbox Wire Editor 

Hollow Knight: Silksong – 2023 – Xbox Series X|S, PC (Game Pass) 

To me, a sequel to Hollow Knight almost feels like an unnecessary pleasure – in 2017, developer Team Cherry managed to come out of the gates with a debut that felt unnaturally complete, from its art, to its moment-to-moment interactions, to its cloaked depths of story. And yet, Silksong already feels vital. By switching focus to bit-part character Hornet, we’re promised an entire new skillset and perspective, but built on the near-peerless foundations of the first game. My excitement is that we’re getting is less of a sequel and more of a companion piece. I cannot wait to find out what that feels like. Joe Skrebels, Xbox Wire Editor-in-Chief 

Available day one with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. 

Lies of P – 2023 Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC (Game Pass) 

If I told you that Lies of P, a Souls-like action RPG starring fairy tale Pinocchio wasn’t the biggest surprise of Gamescom 2022, my nose might start growing. It’s not just the shock factor; Just typing “Pinocchio” and “Soulslike” in the same sentence is enough to furrow the brow of anyone hearing about Lies of P for the first time, it’s how well Korean developer Neowiz is turning this concept into an awesome looking game. As you might expect, choosing whether or not Pinocchio tells the truth will have an impact in the story. However, the Pinocchio I’m familiar with wasn’t equipped with a ‘Legion Arm’, allowing players to journey through Lies of P in the way of their choosing as they seek out Geppetto. Definitely an improvement. – Jeff Rubenstein – Xbox Podcast  

Available day one with Xbox Game Pass. 

Assassin’s Creed Mirage – 2023 Xbox Series X│S, PC 

I’ve been on an Assassin’s Creed cooldown for about five years now, and I’m just about ready for my next historical roof-hopping adventure. Mirage promises to take us back to basics, with a more focused scope and more straightforward story beat. It’s also set in ancient Baghdad, a culture and world I’m looking forward to exploring, and a lovely throwback to the environments I grew to love in the very first game in the series. I’m super excited about this reprisal of a more manageable Assassin’s Creed game, and am looking forward to a gorgeous new world that feels like an old favourite. – Danielle Partis, Xbox Wire Editor 

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 2023 – Xbox Series X|S 

The original Space Marine, for me, was a gateway into the massive Warhammer universe. At the time, it had been a while since something supplied such an amazing premise to such a rich and detailed world. It also helped that the game kicked ass, coupled with some truly amazing voice acting performances. Since then, I’ve explored a myriad of other Warhammer games, from Vermintide to Dawn of War to Total War: Warhammer. So, when the reveal trailer for Space Marine 2 dropped at the Game Awards 2021, my jaw hit the floor. It has been over a decade since the original game and from everything we’ve seen so far, it’s shaping up to be well worth the wait. I’m ready to heed the call of battle once again! – Mike Nelson, Xbox Wire Editor 

Replaced – 2023 Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One (Game Pass) 

Full transparency, Replaced wasn’t a game on my radar until fairly recently. But after watching the trailers and doing a little reading, it’s definitely a title I’m now hugely looking forward to playing this year, especially since it’s launching into Game Pass as an Xbox console exclusive. This action-platformer has a Shadow Complex and Deadlight vibe (both games I thoroughly enjoyed) but is set in an alternative 1980s dystopian world. The art style is beautifully crafted with a blend of pixel art and realistic looking backdrops, and the atmosphere conveys the dark and foreboding setting you’d expect from a world on the verge of collapse. Plus, there’s a dog, and it looks like you may be able to pet it. – Rich Dickinson, Xbox Wire Editor 

Available day one with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. 

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl – 2023 Xbox Series X|S (Game Pass) 

It’s difficult to look forward to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 without recognizing the challenges its Ukrainian developers have endured the past year, but they have continued working on the game, and fans like me are excited to get our hands on it, and to celebrate something made against such a backdrop. In purely gaming terms, the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone is a fascinating location to set your game, and with a gritty tale, immersive sim elements, and beautiful technical execution, you have me hooked. – Rich Dickinson, Xbox Wire Editor 

Available day one with Xbox Game Pass. 

Company of Heroes 3: Console Edition – 2023 – Xbox Series X|S 

If you were looking for a series to thank for keeping the RTS genre alive, Company of Heroes 1 & 2 would be near the top of that list in my opinion, right up there with StarCraft II. These games have done a tremendous job of mixing a compelling and dramatic World War II narrative with stellar real-time strategy gameplay. Plus, the amazing destruction engine brought it all together to make these battles feel truly lived in. Now with this series returning for the first time in 10 years, on both PC and console, I’m incredibly excited to see how Company of Heroes 3 translates to the power of Xbox Series X|S. Be sure to check out this recent preview on Xbox Wire to get a sense of the hard work being put into this version of the game. – Mike Nelson, Xbox Wire Editor 

Alan Wake 2 – 2023 Xbox Series X|S 

After spending a full decade atop my pile of shame, I finally took advantage of Xbox backward compatibility to enjoy the original Alan Wake in summer of 2020. I was immediately drawn into Remedy’s intentionally disorienting storytelling – something they’ve since taken even further with the truly excellent Control. Despite being nearly two generations behind technologically, Alan Wake’s light-wary enemies freaked me out enough that I exclusively played during daylight hours. For the long-awaited Alan Wake 2, Remedy says they’re crafting a survival horror game – the original AW was merely a “psychological thriller” (which you can catch up on too, with the even more accomplished Alan Wake Remastered) I can’t wait… to sleep with the lights on. – Jeff Rubenstein – Xbox Podcast 

Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon – 2023 – Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One 

It took until Elden Ring for me to fully get to grips with FromSoftware’s action-RPG Souls masterworks, but I’ve been an Armored Core player since day one. This grand old mech-battling series has had its gunmetal claws in the pleasure centers of my brain since I was a child, its measured tactical action and gloriously in-depth machine tinkering combining to make for something functionally unique. That Armored Core VI is seemingly a return to that formula, rather than the futuristic Soulslike many expected, is all I could have asked for. There’s no doubt we’ll see more Souls games come along, so this is a more-than welcome diversion. I’ll be knee-deep in leg units and shoulder-mounted missile launchers come launch day. Joe Skrebels, Xbox Wire Editor-in-Chief 

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