The Spirit Of The Samurai Is A 2D Metroidvania Inspired By Classic Stop-Motion Animation

The Future Games Show closed out with a new trailer for The Spirit of the Samurai, an eye-catching stop-motion 2D Metroidvania-style action game coming next year.

The game’s striking stop-motion presentation immediately stands out, paying homage to the classic model animation of Ray Harryhausen films, such as Mighty Joe Young, Jason and the Argonauts, and Clash of the Titans. Players guide three very different characters – a samurai, a Kodama spirit, and a cat – on a journey to save Japan from invading Oni. As the samurai Takeshi and the much smaller Kodoma, you’ll hack apart undead soldiers and supernatural foes from Japanese mythology. As the cat, platforming and stealth are the names of the game, as you’ll avoid enemies such as one, particularly toothy and terrifying-looking demon. 

The Spirit of the Samurai has been in the works for a few years and arrives in 2024 for PC.