There’s An Official Witcher School Modeled After The Hit Novels And Games

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Think you got what it takes to best Geralt of Rivia himself? Test your might at an official Witcher school. 5 Zywiolow (5 Elements) in Poland is a company offering to make those Witcher dreams come true with a plethora of events that will feature actual lessons in real Polish castles. While it’s no Kaer Morhen, these castles will offer a realistic backdrop for training schools designed to make those Witcher goals an impressive reality. This is the official LARPing experience for Witcher lovers that is so much more than just mimicking such a beloved universe. 

I first learned about this school in a modding discord that focuses on The Witcher franchise, and it looks incredibly immersive. “Become a Witcher and live an adventure of a lifetime,” boasts the school alongside a calendar of events that are being offered to give fans an authentic experience. At the time of writing this, there are four events in total coming soon. There is one “Polish Edition” and three “International Editions” with the below dates: 

Grodziec Castle from September 9-12, 2021
Moszna Castle from October 3-6, 2021
Moszna Castle from October 7-10, 2021
Czocha Castle from October 28-31, 2021
Are you looking for something different than training at the witcher school lasting the whole weekend? Do you want to discover other aspects of the universe? Are you looking for another kind of experience? Or maybe you are looking for an alternative to the cinema, birthday party, stag/hen night? We have an alternative for you! Smaller, more intimate scenarios in the Witcher world for you, your friends, family, and colleagues. We have described a few examples here, but if you are looking for something else, we are only limited by your budget and imagination.

During these three-night events, Witcher trainees will spend the night in the aforementioned castles, where they will learn sword fighting, archery, and so much more. There will be dozens of experienced actors taking on the role of teachers for the LARPing experience, as well as a specially made costume that can be yours to keep if you want. The entire training course is meant to be realistically modeled after the world we were introduced to in the novels and the games they inspired. While I can’t promise you’ll get a Netflix series adapting you as the main character, it does at least look like there is a promise for an experience of a lifetime. 

To learn more about the various events coming up and what sort of COVID-19 safety precautions are in place, check out the full website for the Witcher school here! You can also check out the Polish adventure in the video at the top of the article. 

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