Toplan’s Arcade Bullet Hell ‘Batsugun’ Has Been Rated For Switch

The next in the S-Tribute series?

Batsugun S-Tribute has been rated in Korea on Switch, Gematsu reports. This is potentially the next entry in City Connection’s S-Tribute series, which focuses on a number of arcade and Sega Saturn titles, enhancing them for modern audiences.

Batsugun is a title from 1993 developed by Toplan which was later ported to the Saturn in 1996 in Japan only. Batsugun might look like your typical bullet hell shooter, but the game introduces experience points that allow you to upgrade your main gun, and after two upgrades, you use the experience for extra bomb stock. The game is also often considered to be the first ‘manic shooter’ with its ridiculous bullet patterns and complex enemy waves.

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