Type-Moon’s ‘Witch On The Holy Night’ Receives Western Release In December

Type-Moons first localised visual novel.

Developer Type-Moon, known for the Tsukihime series (which includes the fighting game series Melty Blood) and the Fate series, has never really cracked the Western market with its visual novels. While beloved worldwide by genre fans, the developer’s VN output has never been localised. Which makes this announcement even more exciting for Type-Moon fans.

Witch on the Holy Night marks the first time a Type-Moon visual novel has received an official English localisation, and it’s coming to Switch on 8th December. This was announced at this weekend’s Anime Expo during the Fate/Grand Order panel. Published by Aniplex, this release is an enhanced version of the 2012 game of the same name (Mahoutsukai no Yoru) and will include voice acting, higher definition artwork, and will be playable in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

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