Video: Check Out This Japan-Only Club Nintendo Game You Likely Never Heard Of

Reclaim Mario’s hat in ‘Nintendoji’.

We Nintendo fans often pride ourselves on our vast and intimate knowledge of the company’s back catalogue. Even when a piece of hardware or software isn’t released in our territory, we’ll either import it or sit there poring over details and videos of obscure releases we’ll never get our hands on. Knowledge is power, after all, and ‘Nintendo’ and ‘power’ go hand in hand like strawberries and cream, or cheese and onion, or…

Okay, getting back to the point — Nintendoji! More casual fans, and even die-hard devotees, may never have heard of this DSiWare dungeon crawler. It was a digital-only reward for Gold and Platinum Club Nintendo members, much like the Zelda: Twilight Princess Picross game, although this one was Japan-only and therefore it will only have been played by a small fraction of fans worldwide.

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