Video: Retro Gaming Prices Are Much More Reasonable In Japan

Mother, frankly, is quite affordable.

If you’re a sucker for a few of the classics in the gaming sphere, you’ll probably know the sting of looking up some obscure little gem like Doshin the Giant and getting whiplash upon seeing the price. Rare games are just worth a lot, it’s just the way it is, right? Well in Japan things are a little bit different, and collecting old Nintendo gubbins is not quite as financially daunting as it is in the West.

In the video above, our very own lovely Jon Cartwright takes a look at the situation abroad and shows how feasible it is to find games for sometimes as little as a tenth of their North American or European price tag. It’s not entirely straightforward as we’ve explored in the past, but suffice it to say things just aren’t as crazy over there as they are over here.

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