We’re Getting A New Shining Force Game, But Of Course There’s A Catch

Coming to smartphones early next year.

Sega’s Shining Force series is often seen as the true rival to Nintendo’s own Fire Emblem franchise. Both offer turn-based strategy RPG action with a cast of memorable characters in a fantasy setting, but while one has gone from strength to strength in recent years, the other has fallen by the wayside. (No prizes for guessing which is which.)

Sega has largely ignored the Shining Force name since 2009, when it released Shining Force Feather on Nintendo DS and Shining Force Cross in arcades. However, thanks to a partnership with Hive, that’s about the change, as a new Shining Force entry is expected to arrive in beta form in early 2022 – but before you get too excited, we should point out that it’s coming to smartphones and not consoles.

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