We’re Playing Bayonetta And Finishing Our Gundam | Game Informer Live

In these trying times, the only thing keeping me going is knowing I will play a new Bayonetta game in just a few short months. But hey, let’s not forget the classics, either. 

Today on Game Informer Live, we’re revisiting the original Bayonetta, which most intelligent and attractive people will say is one of the best games of all time. 

But that’s not all! A couple of weeks ago, we started building a Real Grade Wing Gundam Gunpla kit. You can check out the first and second archives right here. I recommend getting caught up because today is the day we’re finally finishing our build. Come Hell or high water; we are piecing this robot together. 

We’re going live on our Twitch page at 3:30 PM Central Time (4:30 PM Eastern Time/1:30 PM Pacific). Hope to see you there!