Why I Love the Game Industry (an Ode to “The Last Lecture”)

When I first saw the GamesIndustry.biz open call for developer testimonials on the video games they adore, I felt a wash of hope. Here was an opportunity for recurring positivity, simply stories about how the folks creating games today originally fell in love with what they now do for a living.

Oftentimes, despite working in an industry I love, I feel like I’m balancing on a high-wire with no net below. Industry news features headlines in flashing neon about studio closures and layoffs, the predatory nature of perpetual crunch, the toxicity of online communities, and horrific accounts of discrimination and harassment. The truth is, game industry news is often bleak. So, a recurring feature that would remind me why I’m here? Sign me up.

My office is plastered with a personal “Wall of Games” from my most impressionable years. I could pick any one of them and write an article on “Why I Love” the experience it offered.

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