Xbox App January 2023 Update

The Xbox app for Windows PC lets you discover and download new games with Game Pass, play console games on your Windows PC with cloud gaming, and chat with friends across PC, mobile, and Xbox console. Below you’ll find the latest updates and patch notes for the Xbox App on PC for January 2023 – this update is now available for download from the Store. Always be sure to keep your app up to date for the latest improvements and bug fixes. You can learn more about the Xbox App for PC here.

January release (2301.1001.5.0)

New UX

The installed games list in the sidebar now provides extra data such as pending invites and achievement completion percentage.

Enhanced made to the ‘Coming Soon to Game Pass’ module on the Game Pass page.

Added a new module to the rotation that showcases available EA Game Trials. You will sometimes see this module on Home, and you can always find the list through the dedicated EA Play hub in the app.

Bug Fixes

Adjusted the size and weight of some fonts on game pages for better readability.

Fixed an issue where install sizes were not present after recently installing a game. 

Fixed a bug where some devices would fail to load content on the Game Pass tab.

Fixed a bug where your ‘Cloud Gaming Jump Back In’ list would infinitely load when on an ARM device. 

Fixed certain scenarios that would leave you stranded, and need to restart the app.

Fixed several Vietnamese and Philippines localization issues.

Known Issues

While using the ‘Desert’ high contrast theme, the ‘guide button’ and ‘show stream menu’ icons in the upper left corner of remote play will disappear. Other high contrast themes do not exhibit this issue.

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