Zavvi’s New ‘Pokémon Kanji Clothing Collection’ Features Monochrome Gen 1 Starter Designs

Kanto collection, more like.

Zavvi has launched many an exclusive Nintendo-related clothing line over the years, some featuring incredibly colourful designs, others relatively understated. The online retailer’s latest line — the Pokémon Kanji Clothing Collection — looks to be one of the ‘quietest’ we’ve seen in some time, which might suit the more casual Pokéfan. You know, someone who wants to advertise their affection for the ‘mons, but without inadvertently causing traffic accidents or blinding onlookers with the eye-searing radiance of their garments.

As you can see, this monochrome collection features the evergreen Gen 1 starters — Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur — on black and white T-shirt and hoodies, with designs featuring kanji and manga-style illustrations of the fire-, water- and grass-type Pokémon. Not a primary colour to be seen, though.

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