Fortnite’s Second Dragon Ball Collaboration Blasts Out Of The Battle Bus Today

Returning items! New quests! Fresh skins!

One of the most popular collaborations to have come to Fortnite is recent months is Dragon Ball. Kicking off in August of last year, the event brought Son Goku and Vegeta amongst other characters to the Island and also added the since-vaulted Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud items. Those who missed out on the collab last time around will be pleased to know that the anime series is boarding the Battle Bus once again starting from today.

Alongside the return of the two aforementioned items and the series-themed ‘Dragon Ball Adventure Island’, the collab also brings with it new Weekly Quests and Rewards as well as the game debut of Son Gohan and Piccolo outfits. There is also, of course, the return of the Dragon Ball emotes, which you can see a teaser of in the following tweet:

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