Halo Voice Man Jeff Steitzer Performs Destiny 2 Voice Lines As Shaxx And Lord Salad Fingers (Saladin)

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Jeff Steitzer is every part of the Halo experience as the music and Master Chief himself, so when he lent his voice talents to  Destiny 2, minds were blown. Known simply as “Halo Man,” Steitzer brings the Halo multiplayer experience to life in a way that most fans of the franchise treasure. For those that may not remember, Bungie was the original studio behind Halo before it was passed off to 343 Industries, and it is also the studio behind the current online game Destiny 2. So the crossover into the realm of Guardians? Not as unexpected as one might think, but every bit as cool. 

Shared in my Destiny 2 clan, the video uploaded onto the Baguette, Eiffel’s Blade YouTube channel (what a name) shows Steitzer harnessing his inner Lord Shaxx and Saladin. Shaxx is easily one of the most motivating characters in gaming, I’d dare say. Nothing quite lights a fire within me than hearing his loud “YESSSSSSSSSS” proclamation that oozes pride over a particularly notable move in PvP. Lord Saladin is also tied to PvP with Iron Banner, though I always jokingly call him Lord Salad Fingers of the Iron Banana because maturity is vastly overrated. 

So anyway. 

The video at the very top of the article shows him quoting some iconic Shaxx and Saladin lines, and as a dedicated Destiny 2 and Halo player, my gaming heart has never swelled so big. The bit comes from a Cameo commission, a site where fans can pay a certain amount of money for their favorite “celebrities” to say a particular message. In this case, it’s a blending of two space shooter worlds, and it’s perfect. Now, if only we could get him into the actual game…

In other Bungie-related news, we sat down with a lawyer specializing in gaming IPs to talk more about the joint lawsuit the Destiny studio filed alongside Ubisoft to go after one of the most notable cheat sellers in the world. To learn more about why they are taking the sellers straight to court, check out our interview here

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