Mini Review: art of rally – Stylish Driving With Plenty Of Substance

Vincent van Go Go Go.

Funselektor Labs’ art of rally looks like it should be the most accessible rally sim of all time. Its bright colours and abstract environments almost create a false sense of security, distracting from an otherwise remarkably deep and challenging rally title. It retains the same authentic gameplay from its original PC release, but in moving over to the Switch the game has undergone some notable graphical downgrades.

Launching the game for the first time you’re greeted by a large totem character, who briefly addresses you before you’re sent off to roam about the land. This is pretty much the only time the game strays into more fantastical elements, and it’s a bizarre way to kick off an otherwise pure driving title. Once you start cruising around the initial free-roam location, however, it quickly dawns on you that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill arcade racer; this is an authentic take on rallying that may prove to be quite the shock for more casual players.

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