Mini Review: Unbound: Worlds Apart – All The Portals You Need

Is this cake a lie..?

Portals have always been cool, right? Valve’s own genre-defining Portal remains to this day one of the greatest FPS games of all time, and we’re sure even the most firm critic of the MCU can’t watch the Endgame portal scene without feeling just a little bit emotional. Unbound: Worlds Apart makes smart use of portals as a foundation for its puzzle platforming, resulting in a solid adventure that’s unfortunately held back by an unstable framerate.

You play as Soli, a mage who bares more than a striking resemblance to FFIX’s Vivi. Soli’s world and reality is collapsing from a relentless evil, forcing him to utilise various portals to navigate a mysterious and dangerous land to save his home and people. On the way, he’ll come across a multitude of friendly characters complete with their own quests and backstories. The world building here won’t win any medals, but there’s enough to keep you intrigued and invested for the duration of the game.

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