Play Some Of The Best Jackbox Games With None Of The Filler In ‘The Jackbox Party Starter’

Coming to Switch very soon.

You know that thing where you’re throwing a party for nerds, and at some point the idea of playing a game comes up, and no one wants to play anything too intense like Mario Kart, so the solution is almost always Jackbox games? But then you have to choose which Party Pack is best, or which individual game is best (and which Party Pack it’s in), and uuuuggggghhhh? And then everyone leaves the party because you all divide into the Quiplash faction, the Drawful faction, and the “we like trivia” faction?

Anyway, now you won’t have to have these schisms any more, because Jackbox has finally created The Jackbox Party Starter Party Pack, which includes three of the all-time faves: Quiplash 3, Trivia Murder Party 2, and Tee K.O.

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