Random: 19 Years On, Mario Kart DS Speedrunners Are Still Finding New Shortcuts

Cutting corners.

It has been 19 years since Mario Kart DS first hit the tracks. That’s a pretty staggering length of time and one that we’ll probably need a little sit down to fully recover from. But hey, while we freak out about the passing of the years, check this out: speedrunners have found a handful of new shortcuts on the DS’ previously pretty water-tight circuits (thanks, Gaming Reinvented).

The biggie here is on the Waluigi Pinball track where a shortcut that was previously discovered in tool-assisted speedruns (TAS) has been seemingly proven humanly possible by speedrunner iMathII. It’s a tricky manoeuvre that requires the driver to hit a section of the spiral track just right, but if done correctly, the kart is hurled across a large portion of the circuit, landing by the pinball bumpers at the end of the lap. You can see it in action in the above video.

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