Random: Another Super Mario Sunshine ‘SpaceWorld’ Mod Crops Up

Party like it’s 2001.

A little while back, we covered the efforts of Eclipse Team, a group of modders looking to create what they deem to be the most ambitious mod of Super Mario Sunshine ever. Dubbed ‘Super Mario Eclipse’, its effectively being billed as an unofficial sequel to the GameCube classic, and as part of the modders’ efforts, they managed to recreate the 2001 SpaceWorld demo level in full.

The mod releases later this year on 30th June, 2024, but it’s not the only option if you’re hankering to experience the original SpaceWorld demo. Another modder by the name of Portable Productions has created ‘Super Mario Sunshine 2001’ (thanks for the heads up, Gaming Reinvented), which will be a fully playable mod accurately recreating elements from Nintendo’s own demo.

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