Random: Donkey Kong Blows? Of Course, And It’s All Down To Shigeru Miyamoto

“We were like “What did we do wrong? What is he finding?'”.

In a recent episode of Reece Reilly’s Kiwi Talkz podcast, former Retro Studios developer and senior designer on Metroid Prime Mike Wikan revealed some interesting tidbits about his time working on Nintendo properties at the Austin-based studio. This included a fun anecdote involving Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto as he played an early build of Donkey Kong Country Returns.

On one particularly memorable visit to take an early look at the Wii project, Miyamoto was playing around with DK in a way that baffled the onlooking Retro devs — running to the corner and crouching in the dust. It didn’t become apparent exactly what he was doing for some time.

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