Reader Discussion: What Did You Name The Cat In Stray?

Stray has been out in the wild for a couple of days now, which means players have had plenty of time to answer one burning question: what did you name the cat?

The game’s furry protagonist lacks an official name. As you explore the post-apocalyptic world, have you given it one yourself? If so, what name have you settled on? 

Admittedly, I’m still figuring that out myself. I still have a good ways to go in Stray, and I’ve batted around a few options as I hopped across rooftops and meowed at robots. Some are more elaborate, like “Chester A. Tabby II” (the successor to my Palico’s name in Monster Hunter: World); others are more simple, like “Creamsicle,” which has been growing on me. I’m hoping your responses inspire me to concoct the purr-fect moniker. I’m sorry. 

So let’s hear it: what do you call the cat in Stray? There are no wrong answers. Well, unless you named it “Dog.” Then we’ll have to snitch on you to the Cat Police. The Cats-apo? I’m going to stop now. Share your responses below!