Review: Darksiders III – A Poor Switch Port Of A Distinctly Average Series Entry


We’re pretty big fans of the Darksiders franchise here at Nintendo Life. These games may pilfer their core mechanics from all over the shop, and make no attempt to hide the fact in the process, but they’re pure comfort food; cosy, familiar, resolutely old-fashioned in how they go about their business, and for the most part a lot of easy-breezy fun to boot.

First released to fairly average reviews back in 2018, Darksiders III sees the series stripped back to its basics, removing a lot of the faff introduced in part two for a much more streamlined and basic affair. You’ll do combat with all manner of demonic beasties, solve a bunch of pretty simple puzzles, take on some bosses and engage in light platforming action — there are absolutely no surprises in store here. It’s the very epitome of a safe, straightforward adventure that serves up exactly what fans of the series will likely expect, a light-hearted action adventure with plenty of character in the form of its sassy cast of Horsemen and demons.

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