Review: Haven Park – A Lovely Country Walk With A Few Stinging Nettles

A brief trek.

Exploration is a big ol’ deal in some video games; you only have to look at something like Breath of the Wild or A Short Hike in order to see that. Haven Park leans heavily into that idea, and shares some DNA with the latter game we mentioned. Not least of all because you play as a bird.

Haven Park sees you controlling Flint, a young bird who’s been tasked with repairing and maintaining an island that seemingly belongs to his philanthropic grandmother. It’s chock full of points of interest, natural beauty, and most importantly for the gameplay, campsites. You’ll be gathering supplies in order to build up shelter and food sources for eager campers looking to impose themselves on your hospitality for coin as you peruse and hike your way through the scenery on offer. This side of things is fairly basic, but it does provide a fair degree of freedom and much-needed respite from the otherwise potentially aimless wandering.

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