Review: Monster Harvest – Poor Execution Of A Promising ‘Stardew Valley X Pokémon’ Premise

It hurt itself in its confusion!

It must be tough to be a hopeful dev working on a farm sim project. Stardew Valley—a simple looking project made by one guy—has so effectively raised the bar for what a pure farm sim can be that matching it seems almost impossible by this point. The only way that a new game could feasibly beat it would be by introducing innovative new ideas or mechanics that transform the genre in ways nobody else could’ve imagined. Monster Harvest, the latest release from Stage Clear Studios, aimed to do just that and the results are… well, they aren’t great. There are some redeeming qualities to Monster Harvest, but this is far form the Stardew Valley-killer you may have hoped it could be.

Monster Harvest begins with a familiar tale where you—a disillusioned city-dweller—receive a letter from an uncle you haven’t spoken to in years asking you to come take care of his unkempt farm. As it turns out, your uncle is actually an eccentric scientist and his farm got sidelined because of a major breakthrough he made in his research. You see, your uncle found a way to create a new species of plant/animal hybrids which are called… Planimals… and now an evil corporation called SlimeCo. just moved into town and may or may not have nefarious plans for these new entities.

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