Review: Planet Of Lana (Switch) – A Gentle Puzzle-Platformer With Sparkling Presentation

Out of this world.

The cinematic platformer: although some great examples have emerged over the decades, the genre perhaps under-celebrated, with its fans especially under-served for a long stretch in the 2000s. It has nonetheless provided some truly legendary games: Prince of Persia, Another World, Flashback, and Inside. Planet of Lana gathers together the most appealing elements of all of these – along with other notable examples of the genre – and rolls them up into something modern and engaging, if not entirely original.

Planet of Lana, the debut title from indie developer Wishfully Studios, is a visually striking puzzle-driven platformer. It has shades of Studio Ghibli in its muted palette and nature-versus-technology themes; it also maintains a low-stress atmosphere through its gentle difficulty, sweeping scenery and rich musical score. The story starts with Lana playing games with a friend. A sudden robot invasion leads to her friend’s capture and kicks off a quest to rescue her. Along the way, Lana is joined by an alien sidekick, with whom she cooperates to overcome obstacles and stealthily evade baddies.

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