Review: Steel Assault – A Quick Bite To Savour With Classic Castlevania Flavour

*furiously shreds guitar*.

Steel Assault is a pretty simple game. You play as a badass good guy whose job is to kill the badass bad guys, and you do so by violently blowing up a lot of minions, ninjas, and mech suits with the power of a lightning whip. It’s hard. Like, really hard. And just when it feels like it’s running short on ideas, the credits roll. Sometimes that’s all you need to have fun with a game; just a few good ideas that are done extremely well. Steel Assault gets what it’s going for and doesn’t waste any more of your time, and in that respect, it’s almost impossible to dislike.

In terms of gameplay, Steel Assault plays like a more fluid, but no less difficult, take on the classic Castlevania platformers. Taro Takahashi’s main means of disposing of enemies is a super cool electric whip that dispatches most foes in a single crack, making you feel quite powerful once you get the rhythm of it down and scourge dozens of enemies in quick succession. He can fling it in eight directions and there’s a nice feeling of momentum behind each swing, as Taro takes that important brief pause after each button press to wind up before initiating the attack.

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