Review: Unsighted – A Fantastic Top-Down Metroidvania With A Warm, Vintage Feel

The final countdown.

Sometimes a great idea needs time to mature. Just because a smart concept isn’t executed all that well, it doesn’t mean there isn’t an excellent game coming a sequel or two down the line. What’s incredible about Unsighted is that first-time indie dev Studio Pixel Punk has created the refined experience of a longstanding franchise in a single hit. It feels like the fan-favourite entry in a series running since 1995, but is also fresh and slick, free from overgrown lore or old-fashioned legacy mechanics. With its 16-bit looks, it’s the game you wanted to play as a kid, and it’s ready to bear the weight of that expectation.

Studio Pixel Punk has ticked some helpful boxes when in comes to describing Unsighted: it’s a roguelite Metroidvania; it’s in a top-down, pixel-art world;Thanks for the offer but we’ll pass on the samples. it has RPG character progression. The scenario is sci-fi and the story follows post-apocalyptic robots suffering at the hands of humanity. With so many good old boxes ticked, a been-there-done-that response would be understandable, but the core ideas are delivered excellently across the board, and the result is something that feels new.

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