Soapbox: Could Switch OLED Actually Make A Reality Of Nintendo’s Cheesy Tabletop Dream?

Time to annoy fellow coffee shop patrons.

The Switch ‘hybrid’ concept has, over the course of four years, proven to be a significant and important success for Nintendo. It’s not just about the sales figures and huge profits, but it’s lifted Nintendo’s brand back to the sort of influence last enjoyed in the days of DS and Wii, albeit the outrageous sales of both of those systems together is unlikely to be matched. Nintendo is once again incredibly popular and prominent in the mainstream entertainment space, playing a major part in setting trends and getting shop tills to ring.

The magic of Switch is arguably its flexibility – to some it’s a portable, others a console, and in all likelihood most of us use it as both. Yet Nintendo’s promotion of the hardware is often humorously — how to put it — unrealistic. As my colleague Kate highlighted in their internet reacts to Switch OLED round up, Nintendo doesn’t seem to know how most people play games. It’s aspirational marketing, I suppose.

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