Super Rare Games Unveils ‘Mixtape Vol. 1’, A Collection Of 30 Games From Up And Coming Devs

Plus six demos of upcoming indies like SkateBIRD.

Super Rare Games has announced its latest physical project, Super Rare Mixtape Vol. 1, a very limited collection of indie games bundled into one package.

The mixtape, which will be shipped to buyers as a tape cassette-shaped USB drive playable on PC, contains a curated collection of 30 games created by small indie developers in the freeware scene. The list includes retro first-person shooters, platformers, visual novels, tower defence games, and even quick experimental ideas, and six demos for upcoming indies that have already caught the eye of the gaming world like SkateBIRD, Grapple Dog, and Billie Bust Up will also be featured.

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