Video: Here’s The Story Behind The Cancelled Wii Plush Toy Game ‘Wiiwaa’

Wii want it.

The Wii opened up a world of possibilities and creativity for many developers, and one, in particular, tried to jump on the creativity train with a unique video game that would be controlled with a soft toy.

Zoink Games, known for developing unique adventure games with distinctive art styles such as Lost In Random, Flipping Death, and Fe, were in the process of creating Wiiwaa (or Weewaa) for the Wii. This unusual toy caught the attention of the video game media in 2009 when it was first shown off, as it was a game that you played by inserting the Wii Remote into the mouth of a specially designed toy. Then you would play the game by moving the plush toy around, shaking it about, or pulling at its ears, for example.

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