Hands On: Anbernic’s RG300X Is A Beefed-Up Game Boy Micro That Runs Emulators

And it’s slightly less punishing on your hands.

We’ve covered the exploits of Chinese firm Anbernic on Nintendo Life before, thanks to our coverage of its generally excellent RG351 handheld. The company has become popular in recent years due to the fact that it combines great design with solid ergonomics – and its systems are pretty decent when it comes to replicating classic consoles via emulation.

Anbernic’s latest effort, the RG300X, seems to follow the same pattern. It’s clearly a clone of the Game Boy Micro in terms of design – it even rips off the ‘Famicom edition’ styling seen in a Japanese exclusive version of that particular Nintendo handheld – but is slightly larger and has a bigger, 640×480-pixel 3-inch screen. It also throws in two extra face buttons and two additional shoulder buttons for good measure – oh, and you charge its 2,500 mAh battery using USB-C.

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