Review: Worms Rumble – Fun Traversal, But A Limited Battle Royale Spin-Off

War has changed.

If you’ve ever played a Worms game, chances are you know more or less how it works by now. Two or more teams wage war within the confines of a 2D destructible arena, each taking turns to make their move in a strategic battle of wits and firepower. It’s a formula that, despite some missteps here and there, simply works. So when Worms Rumble came along to shake up the formula with faster, real-time gameplay, we were understandably a bit sceptical.

With every major game publisher seemingly desperate to show off their own take on the battle royale genre, Worms is the latest franchise to wave its hand in the air and yell “hey, we’ll have some of that!”. Worms Rumble is somewhat of a spin-off of the main Worms series, boasting real-time gameplay in a strictly online multiplayer setting. Its core modes consist of Team Deathmatch, Standard Deathmatch, Last Squad Standing, and Last Worm Standing. The latter two are the game’s mandatory battle royale modes, though the overall player count can only reach a maximum of 32, albeit with cross-platform support.

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